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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ Zoo of Krasnoyarsk prepared for visitors quest for Halloween

Zoo of Krasnoyarsk prepared for visitors quest for Halloween

The organizers started preparing for the holiday in advance - already now in the social networks strange photos of visitors to the zoo "Roev Stream", on which the silhouettes of the ghost are visible, began to appear. "According to legend, 300 years ago, two women suspected of witchcraft were burned at this place. But only one of them was really a witch. The second was innocent. Since then, her soul has wandered through the forest and is calling for justice. Visitors to the Park have repeatedly seen in their photos the shadow of this ghost, "explains the management of the zoo.

" Once in a year on October 31, the gate of time opens, and on this the place begins to act ancient magic. Time turns back, you can get to be executed, point to an innocent victim and save her, "the zoo workers told.

The participants of this action have to go through several truly terrible tests - to bypass the graves and prepare a witch's potion, pull the key out of the chest, where rats and cockroaches rumble, talk to the drowned woman and have dinner with the evil spirits.

To participate in all these pleasures, you must first register by phone 242-30-47. The quest will take place from 18:00 to 20:00, and the ticket price is 500 ₽.