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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ A New Yorker swept the streets on a snowboard

A New Yorker swept the streets on a snowboard

American director and producer & nbsp; Casey & nbsp; Neistat swept through the snow-covered New York on snowboard and filmed it on camera. The video has already become viral.

The video begins with a television announcement that a storm is banned in New York from any private vehicle. & nbsp; For Friday and Saturday, 68 centimeters of rain fell in the city, & nbsp; in connection with which traffic in the city was paralyzed.

However, Neistat did not stop & mdash; clinging to the car, on the wheels of which were wearing metal chains of anti-skid, he swept the roads of New York on a snowboard, welcoming passers-by and waving the American flag. "At the end of the video, the police stopped the extremists, but the reaction of law enforcement officials turned out to be friendly." >