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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ Raven-accomplice stole a knife from the crime scene

Raven-accomplice stole a knife from the crime scene

Raven named Canuck

Raven named Canuck has become so friends with Vancouver residents that he is involved in criminal disassembly. The bird stole the knife from the crime scene and tried to fly with him in front of discouraged policemen.

A message was reported to the Vancouver police station about a fire in a car in a parking lot at McDonald's. Arriving at the scene of the police encountered an armed knife man. He tried to attack the guards of order, which resulted in a firefight. The criminal was detained and sent to the hospital with gunshot and stab wounds. And at this time the bird stole from the scene the instrument of crime - a knife - and tried to fly away with it.

& nbsp; In the photo, located in Facebook, the crow is imprinted with another knife: it looks like he has a passion for cold weapons. The author of the crow's page Sean Bergman told reporters: "I'm not happy with the fact that my friend was caught in the falsification of the crime scene, but what do you want, he's a wild crook."