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Vietnamese australian took offense at his own name

An Australian of Vietnamese origin named Phuc Dat Bich had to put on the Internet a snapshot of your passport so that social network moderators believe in the reality of his name. In English, it reads like Fuck That Bitch's foul language, so Facebook's moderators deleted his account three times.

The Vietnamese Australian emphasizes that his name is actually pronounced Foup Dook Beek and has no foul language relationship, since it was given to him at birth. The 23-year-old owner of the unhappy name had to make excuses for the moderators of the social network, who took his name for a stylized vulgar expression. Facebook rules forbid you to register under an assumed name.

The man noted that he was outraged by the fact that he had to justify himself to the moderators for his name. His post on this topic scored several thousandh likes and reposts. due to which the owner of an unusual name attracted attention.