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In Zelenograd will be an environmental quest

In Zelenograd on October 10, will pass an environmental quest called "Clean Games", whose task will be to improve the city's environmental situation.

Participants in the quest will have to split into two team, get the equipment you need and go to perform your main task - pick up any garbage that can only be found. Points are awarded not only for the quantity, but also for the quality of collected garbage - those players who pay attention to separate waste collection, and also will be able to deliver all collected to the warehouse, will receive additional points.

Winners will receive certificates and prizes, but the main reward for all participants should be a clean city and pride of the fulfilled debt in helping the environment. The organizers of the quest were the Zelenograd department regional societyof this creative-positive movement "Muzora.Bolshe.Net", district council of Kryukovo and the territorial center of social service "Zelenogradsky" branch «Kryukovo».