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In the UK, they started to take money for admiring flowers

Dokki Wood in Hertfordshire County

The fee for the right to admire the flowers started charging in the Dokki Wood forest in Hertfordshire, Great Britain. The National Charity Fund of the objects of the cultural, historical and natural heritage of the country decided that admiring the blossoming bells will now cost three pounds (about 300 rubles) for adults and one pound (about 100 rubles) for children.

The decision to enter the ticket to the entrance to Dokki-Wood was decided by the fact that every spring in the forest crowds of tourists come, because of which flowers and trees suffer. Particularly difficult situation in this area in early May - the time of flowering bells. A year ago, forest workers tried to dispense with preventive measures and hung out plaques calling for careful consideration of fragile flowers and vulnerable forest soil. AudeAs tourists continued to behave irresponsibly in relation to nature, & nbsp; then the hunters came up with a "tax on bells."