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In Tyumen set a record for dousing

< p> In Tyumen held a flash mob for dousing with cold water, which was attended by 225 people. This amount was a record for such events.

Mass dousing took place on the embankment of the river Tura. Water was poured into the multicolored buckets by firemen from the local part, and for safety, they were watched by doctors and coast guard officers. After the action, swimmers of local walrus clubs took place, which included elements of extreme sports. For example, some of its participants, before climbing into a cold river, were tied to the girdle belt.

"This event is not only for those who are engaged in winter swimming constantly, but also for those who have just decided to start healthy lifestyle, join the hardening, "- said the president of the Federation of winter swimming in the Tyumen region Alexei Salmin.