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Tomsk will host a HIV prevention quest

In Tomsk, among the students of secondary special educational institutions, a quest on HIV and AIDS prevention will be held under the name "S.V.EPR Project. Laboratory. "

Quest is a classic example of the genre of" getting out of the room. " The participants have to solve nine puzzles to leave the student's laboratory, in which the main character of the game - the robot Sweeper - lives. Each task will require decision-making teams related to HIV risks.

"Our task is to form social behavior among young people that will become the norm in normal life. In September and October of this year, we conducted preventive subbotniks with students of Tomsk ssuzov. The game quest will be the second stage of this work. As a result, we will conduct interactive lessons "Life as it is" with participants, where we will discuss the risks associated with drug use, measures to prevent HIV and AIDS, as well as the life values ​​of children, "said the psychologist of the project S.V.P.E.R. Evgenia Rodnina.

The quest is scheduled for the end of November, after which this practice can spread to other educational institutions in the region.