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In the United States invented a self-drying jacket


Kickstarter's kick-in portal started the campaign to raise funds for the production of self-drying jackets - the same as in the movie "Back to the Future."

The second part of the trilogy "Back to the Future" takes place in 2015, where the protagonist of the movie Marty McFly, in addition to self-lacing shoes and hoverboards, also collides with a self-drying jacket.

The fiction of the filmmakers inspired a group of beginning businessmen from the USA - since 2014 they have led zrabotku suitable model of such a jacket. According to the developers, the final idea came to them only in the summer of 2015, and the development of the invention took several months.

The design of the jacket strongly resembles the one we saw in the film, and the drying technology It works thanks to two small fans that pump air into the product. Fans work from a small battery, located in a special pocket.

The charge of a single battery can be dried for half an hour. However, to fully dry the jacket is enough times less - according to the creators, after 30 seconds of drying the jacket can be worn again. After a minute, 90% of the moisture is absorbed into the fabric of the jacket.

At the moment, it is possible to pre-order the jacket, thus sponsoring the project. The minimum cost of the product is $ 149.