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In Scotland, the fiery festival of the Vikings was held


In the town of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands in Scotland, the traditional Up Helly Aa fire festival was held, including the traditional "torchlight procession and burning of the boat."

The festival takes place every last Tuesday of January from the 1880s, and its historical roots go back to the Middle Ages. During the festival & nbsp; thousands of & nbsp; participants dress in Viking costumes and with torches pass through the whole city, singing along the way. The procession ends with the traditional burning of the boat and the celebration, which lasts until the next morning. On the islands, the day of the festival is considered a day off.

This year, not only "Vikings" took part in the festival & nbsp; & mdash; as can be seen from the photos, & nbsp; those who came also dressed in the costumes of imperial stormtroopers from the movie "Star Wars." According to the organizers, the preparation of the festival began in October of last year & mdash; During this time, volunteers & nbsp; had to build a wooden boat layout and create over a thousand torches.

Despite the fact that the main part of the festival is over, its celebration will continue on the other Shetland Islands in February and March.