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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ In Saratov, the prosecutor's office forces the quest out of the bomb shelter in reality

In Saratov, the prosecutor's office forces the quest out of the bomb shelter in reality


Saratov Quest Project "Lockation" collects signatures in support of one of its projects - the quest in the bomb shelter The secret of the pass of Djatlov. " The activity of the questsmaker was threatened with termination because the team undertook to restore the bomb shelter of the 8th city hospital in the city of Saratov.

"Clearing the premises of more than 800 sq.m. from tons of garbage and dirt, we organized there for the time of restoration popular today cultural and sports entertainment - the quest "The Secret of the Pass of Djatlov". For 4 months. A huge amount of work was done on repair and cleaning, but the bunker needs further restoration. This is exactly what the cultural and sporting activity organized in the shelter was designed for, "the creators of the quorum write in a petition.

On March 29, the supervisory authorities of the Leninsky district came to the quarters with an unscheduled check. Now the questum is sealed, and its creators are waiting for a court, at which a decision can be made about the final closing of the quest. Its creators posted on the Change.org website petition to the governor of the Saratov region , under which already collected more than half of the reviews necessary for consideration.

Throughout Russia, many quests have been organized in the premises of the former bomb shelters. " In peacetime, we are allowed to place our laws in a bomb shelter, say, a cafe, a snack bar, a gym or a shop. That's only about the quests in the laws does not say anything ... "- indignant owners of entertainment.