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Literary quest will be held in Saratov

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A literary quest for schoolchildren will be held in Saratov on the central street of the city, Kirov Prospekt. The organizer of the event was Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky.

As part of the quest, participants will have to answer questions about famous literary figures associated with the monuments and historical buildings of Saratov - Chernyshevsky, Dostoevsky, Mayakovsky and others. As the answers to the questions, two competing teams will collect the parts of the card, which should lead them to a hidden treasure. And although the organizers call the main reason for carrying out the quest the pupils are taught about the history of the city, in the future they hope to attract more tourists to the event.

The first game of the quest is scheduled for October 19 , recording is carried out by phone +7 917 20 55 741.