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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ In Omsk, the world's smallest Christmas tree toy

In Omsk, the world's smallest Christmas tree toy

< The artist-microminiaturist from Omsk Anatoly Konenko created the smallest Christmas tree in the world.

The size of the yellow ball from the stalk is 1 mm in diameter. The fastening of the ball is made of silver, and the iron loop is made of pure gold. In addition, on the ball the inscription "2016" is painted in red.

The whole composition fits on a single rice grain, and it can be viewed only in a microscope. Since earlier none of the artists-microminiaturists took up the manufacture of Christmas decorations, Konenko's work can be considered a record. According to the author himself, he was inspired by the Christmas tree toy set on the Manege Square in Moscow, whose height is 17 meters, which claims a world record as the largest in the world.