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Charitable graffiti quest was completed in Novosibirsk

A graffiti quest "Generation-M" devoted to children's creativity was held in Novosibirsk. The competition started on October 8, and the winners of the quest were determined after 12 days. They were Maxim Saifulin, Maria Sirazetdinova and Irina Terekhova, who were the first to find all the necessary art objects in the city, photographed them and posted them on the social network "VKontakte".

Art objects were graffiti of the Novosibirsk artist Irina Lepe, who portrayed children who are fond of any work - painting, literature, dancing, photography. The winners received tickets for the charity performance "Generation Mowgli", which will be presented October 9-11 in the Palace of Culture of Railway Workers.

In March, the same production was successfully held in Moscow, and in July - in St. Petersburg. Roles in it are performed by local creatively gifted childrenand together with the stars Konstantin Khabensky, Diana Arbenina, Gosha Kutsenko, Ekaterina Guseva, Elmira Kalimullina and Alexander Kerzhakov have already played in the play.

The All-Russian Charity Project "Generation M "is implemented by MTS and Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation with the participation of local authorities.