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Museum quest starts in Novosibirsk

Residents of Novosibirsk from October 31 will be able to participate in the quest "Museum for the whole family" and win tickets to the cinema or the local philharmonic society. To do this, they will need to guess the code word by visiting the 9 main museums of the city.

Each museum of the quest participants is waiting for a special historical task, for which a special passport with a stamp is given in the form of a letter. Having collected all the letters together the participants of the quest will be able to guess the secret word.

The first 10 participants who reported a code word to the Novosibirsk City Museum will receive prizes in the form of tickets for the whole family. Participants who collected 5 letters or more will receive consolation prizes - tickets for pedestrian excursions and tickets for the Night of Museums 2016.