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Netflix invented video stopping socks for sleepy viewers

Netflix, which supplies its customers with shows and serials in streaming mode video, presented to the world an unusual invention - socks that automatically stop the viewer watching the episode or the episode of the television series, if he suddenly falls asleep.

According to the creators of the product, this problem should be familiar to everyone who likes to watch a favorite show before going to bed or series - if you suddenly fall asleep in the middle of the episode, then remember later, at what place it happened, d It is rather difficult.

Socks from Netflix solve this problem, determining whether you are awake or already asleep using an accelerometer. This sensor registers your movements and if your legs do not move for a long period of time, the socks decide that you are asleep. Before that, the LED flashes on them, warning that if you are not asleep, it's time to move your legs toviewing did not stop.

Netflix employees not only showed the world a prototype of their invention, but also offered to make customers own socks. The company laid out a detailed instruction for self-assembly of socks, outlined in pictures and in plain language.