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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ In Myshkin was "antituristic" festival in the format of the quest

In Myshkin was "antituristic" festival in the format of the quest

In the city of Myshkin, Yaroslavl Region passed the annual festival of student tourism "Nights over the Volga". The participants and organizers prefer to call their activity "antiturizm" - apparently, after the emergence of such an entity as "anti-cafe."

Contrary to the title, antiturism is not sitting at home behind a closed door. This is just a new format of tourist trips, invented to replace the bored and obsolete excursions to the modern generation.

Participants of the student festival began their adventure already at the entrance to the city, when everyone received a welcome SMS from the "Spirit of the Volga", which briefly outlined the essence of the first task. Then there was another, the second, behind him a lot - so all the participants of the festival were are involved in one grandiose quest.

The quest was compiled in a special way so that students as soon as possible and in the most game form visited all the important sights of the city, learned its history, and Also remember some of the information provided.

According to the organizer of the festival, experience shows that young tourists do not like excursions, and if they go there, then nothing do not remember. Another thing is the interactive format, which forces not only to show activity, but also to include the head.

Participants of the festival had a mini-quest for an exit in three hours from a room in a former city prison, do selfies with 19th century technology in a retro-car museum, visit a local cemetery, the house of a famous counterfeiter and even a two-story public toilet.

"Antitur" still had to be canceled - because of the weather, there were no sigwei left for the movementCity and ferry ferry crossing the river. The organizers of the festival will be able to correct themselves in a year, although it is still unknown in which city.