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The largest festive festival has started in Moscow

< p> Last Friday in Moscow, the festival "Journey to Christmas" began - one of the world's largest festive events this year.

A variety of fairs, installations, quests and other entertainments opened for citizens and visitors of the city, located on 38 "islands" - thematic sites located in different parts of the city. Five "islands" make up the main Christmas route. Free buses began to run between the central areas.

In addition to festive decorations and outlets with goods from different regions, guests are also offered a variety of winter entertainment - slides, skating rinks, rides. In Stoleshnikov Lane, a fabulous Labyrinth of gnomes opened, in which guests are invited to take part in small quests - to fill buckets with snowballs or to take a fishing rod off the Christmas tree and get a prize for this.

Also to the townspeople offeragaetsya take part in a special global quest "Christmas Treasures" - traveling from one festival site to another, buying gifts for the holidays, watching performances and shows, participating in master classes, rolling on slides, deer and carousels, festival participants receive gold coins, which can later be exchanged in special items for special gifts. A variety of coins can be exchanged for flags, Christmas toys, mugs and mittens.