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In Moscow, there will be a winter "Race of Heroes"

In Moscow there will be a winter

In the stadium "Opening Arena" in Moscow will be the winter "Race of Heroes" & mdash; All-Russian & nbsp; sports competition, compiled according to TRP standards.

A race is a race with obstacles in rough terrain, in which all registered persons can take part. To participate in the Moscow race, you must purchase a ticket to the official site of the race.

As the organizers said, the length of the Moscow route will be 5 kilometers for adult participants and 2.5 & mdash; for families. The route is equipped with 50 obstacles, among which there will be ice slides and snow barriers. "Participants of the race will have to apply not only the skills of military sports training, but also ingenuity and dexterity", & mdash; told the press service of the event.

"Race of Heroes" regularly takes place in many cities of Russia. The training of the route is usually carried out by military specialists who train special units of the armed forces. The Moscow Race of Heroes will be held on February 13 and 14 and 20 and 21st of February. In addition to competitions, & nbsp; participants are waiting for entertainment events, competitions, & nbsp; master classes, as well as a concert.