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In Moscow, a free quest "Crazy Circus"

On October 28, CityQuest launched a new quest for the title of "Crazy Circus" in the SEC RIO on Leninsky Prospekt. The main feature of the quest is that everyone can pass it for free.

The creators note that the format is a "mini-quest": the time allotted for its passage is only 20 minutes, and it will work exactly one week. Quest "Crazy Circus" is focused on the atmosphere of the upcoming "terrible holiday" - Halloween.

In any case, CityQuest promises not only to entertain visitors with riddles, but also how to scare them. For example, among other characters of the quest, players will be able to meet the "crazy terrible clown", which, apparently, should prevent participants from getting out of the circus unharmed. However, the developers do not reveal the details of the scenario.

Quest "Crazy Circus" will workth October 28 to November 3 at the address of the RIO Center, Leninsky Prospekt, 109.