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Moscow produced the world's largest loofah

Moscow produced the world's largest washcloth

In the Moscow bath set a record for the size of the loofah, making the product & nbsp; long at & nbsp; 22 meters.

The company "Rublevsky Baths" was engaged in making a record washcloth. At the presentation of the product, & nbsp; which took place on Wednesday, & nbsp; there was a representative of the Book of Records & nbsp; Russia, & nbsp; registered the result.

According to organizers of the event, the washcloth is a record not only for Russia, & nbsp; but for the whole world & mdash; its creators plan to apply for making their achievements in the Guinness Book of Records.

According to the press service of the bathhouse company, the loofah was made of linen, & nbsp; inside it is filled with herbs protecting immunity & mdash; thyme and chamomile. & nbsp;This was related to the theme of the bath show, which took place after the presentation of the washcloth and was devoted to the fight against cold and flu by folk remedies.

"The washcloth for the record follows the tradition of economical use of resources. It is designed and manufactured in such a way that, after fixing the record, it will be cut into 120 sponges measuring 25 by 15 centimeters, which will be used by the guests of the bathhouse ", & mdash; told the company.