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London opens a "naked" restaurant

Breakfast on the grass

High competition in the cafe and restaurant market forces their owners to look for new formats. Following on kototkafe and institutions, where guests eat in complete darkness, the first restaurant for naked visitors opened in London.

Naturally, it is necessary to exude in the institution itself - special lockers are provided for this, in which visitors will leave their clothes before they enter the main hall. All guests will be given dressing gowns, so that shy persons can cover their body with a cloth. However, in the twilight - the hall will be illuminated solely with candles - still no one sees anything.

The idea of ​​the creators is to bring people closer to nature: instead of tables and chairs in the restaurant, they put processed hemp, and the food will be prepared from the most home-grown ingredients by the recesseptam, which have come down to us from primitive times. The dishes are also suitable: clay, handmade. Cutlery - edible.