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In Kyrgyzstan, staged "Hunger Games" and fed participants worms

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In Kyrgyzstan, the quest was held in reality on the motives of " Hunger Games " in the format of a paintball game. For three hours, participants fought for victory, demonstrating not only skills of shooting and orientation on the ground, but also cunning, attentiveness, sleight of hand and the ability to solve logical puzzles.

The organizers prepared for the participants mini-traps, as well as locations where bonuses and even extra lives can be obtained. The truth of the task is not for the faint-hearted & nbsp; - just in the spirit of the "Hunger Games". For example, eat live maggots and earthworms, raw chicken wings, a pointed lotus root or pickled old chicken eggs. As in the book that formed the basis for the scenario, the participants started practicalki with nothing - at the first location they had to compete for packages with a minimum reserve of ammunition, drink and a small bar for replenishment.

There were also intellectual tasks: for example, in the "Sage" location, you could try to crack the safe by answering the questions in which the code is encrypted, or unscrewing about 50 nuts or making a puzzle piece without tools. And, of course, a lot of physical activity: apart from paintball itself, there was archery and other dexterity tasks.