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In Italy, started the festival of casting oranges

In Italy, the festival of casting oranges started

In the Italian city of Ivrea, a three-day carnival started, the participants of which throw each other oranges.

Several thousand people participate in the citrus battle in traditional orange caps & mdash; Only owners of these headgear are allowed to throw fruit. Earlier, apples were used for the battle, but they were replaced with oranges to reduce trauma.

The legend of the origin of the festival goes back to the Middle Ages. According to her, it all started because of the miller's daughter, who refused the local nobleman to spend the night without a wedding, cut off the head and threw it out of the window. The guard pounced on the girl, but the crowd began to defend her and dispersed the guarding with stones.

Townto Ivrea is located in northern Italy near Turin, where oranges do not grow & mdash; for carnival they are specially delivered from Sicily.