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In Spain there was a festival stuffing stuffed replicas

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In the town of Pjornal in the south of Spain, the traditional Jarramplas festival took place, during which the crowd thumped the colorful multicolored scarecrow around the streets.

The main character of the festival on January 19 and 20 named Harramplas wears a suit with colored ribbons and a glass mask with horns. He must run around the city and knock on the drum, while the crowd throws it turnips.

Previously, potatoes were used for casting, but then the rules were changed. After a person in a suit can no longer withstand the "punishment", he stops and the throwing stops.

The origin of the festival is interpreted in different ways & mdash; some see Harramplas as an abductor of livestock, who is punished by local residents, while others - mdash; devil and attribute the religious roots to the holiday.

This time for the festival local inthey had to procure 18 tons of turnip. The holiday ended on Wednesday evening with musical and gastronomic celebrations.