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In India, they tied the biggest blanket in history

The biggest blanket in history has been tied up in India

India has set a world record for the largest knitted blanket. The achievement is already & nbsp; entered & nbsp; in the Guinness Book of Records.

The total area of ​​the blanket was more than 11 thousand & nbsp; square meters & mdash; this is one and a half times more than the area of ​​the football field. The canvas was composed of 8,304 small blankets that were created by knitting lovers from 14 countries.

The organizer of the event was a girl from India, who in August 2015 created & nbsp; in Facebook community for knitters. The girl quickly & nbsp; was joined by like-minded people, after which they decided to beat the world's rivershordes. In the end, in establishing a record, a total of 2472 people entered the group.

Each of the blankets was made by hand and had a unique pattern. After the record was fixed, & nbsp; the quilt was taken away by the charity for distribution to the needy.

"When you put your soul into hand-made things, you feel pride in your creation. Also it is worth saying thanks to the technologies that made it possible to involve so many people in our project, "& mdash; the organizer of the event said.