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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ In the cities of the world there was a festival of drunken Santa Clauses

In the cities of the world there was a festival of drunken Santa Clauses

In the largest cities of the United States, Great Britain, and also other countries passed the traditional SantaCon festival, during which thousands of Santa Claus dressed up people take to the streets to have fun and meet at pubs and pubs.

This time the most massive parades of Santa Claus were celebrated in New York and London . In the British capital, the action coincided with a demonstration against the war in Syria, although the organizers in every possible way disavowed any political or other connotations.

Participants in the London parade encouraged the rest of the Santa Claus to behave decently and "do not be thereby Santo. " The fact is that during the holding of such parades in the past, the London Santa Clauses were marked by such actions as bathing in fountains and throwing passersby by Brussels sprouts.

Similar measures were also taken by the organizers of the New York parade: last year, many New York City bars on the day of the parade were forced to close their doors for guests in Santa Claus suits in order to avoid fights and obscene behavior that they have become famous for the years of the celebration.

The tradition of the SantaCon festival was born in 1994 in San Francisco, subsequently spreading to 350 cities in 50 countries.