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Quest-labyrinth mysteriously opens in Chelyabinsk

Quest-labyrinth "Black Room" will open in Chelyabinsk - horror entertainment for horror and puzzle lovers.

The opening of the attraction will take place in about two weeks - the exact date, as well as the exact location of the labyrinth, the organizers are kept secret. The fact is that right before the opening, the creators of the "Black Room" plan to launch a special quest to find the attraction - the winners will be able to pass the labyrinth for free.

The attraction itself consists of 20 rooms , each of which is designed to reflect a person's phobia - fear of height, enclosed space, spiders, maniacs, zombies and the like.

The creators of the "Black Room" do not like to attribute their attraction to the usual quests for leaving the room - they say, in the labyrinth and the scale is bigger, and the main task is not keep within the allotted time, and give yourself to overcome your fears.

The attraction is calculated for both single and team visit, but there are age limits: children under 14 years are not allowed to enter; from 14 to 16 years old entrance with parents. To date, the "Black Room" is already successfully operating in Perm and Magnitogorsk.