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Kotopab opened in Bristol

< p> Journalists of British publications found in the city of Bristol pub, which is home to 15 cats. Visitors to the pub have the opportunity to play and socialize with animals.

Bag o 'Nails is located in the city center, and cats have been living there for a relatively long time. According to the owner of the institution, 44-year-old Luke Daniels, before they were 24, but this turned out to be too much and now their number was reduced to 15.

"The reaction to them is usually positive. From time to time, some people leave the pub, because they may be allergic to cats, "Daniels said. Local residents note that this drinking establishment is "unique in its own way."

Recently, so-called kotokafe - the institutions in which visitors can play and communicate with animals. Initially, the fashion for such a cafe appeared in Tokiabout and New York, now they can be found also in large Russian cities.