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In Biisk they want to create a federation of "sport pelmening"

In the city of Biysk in the south-east of the Altai Territory decided to create a federation of "sport pelmening." This gastronomic and culinary sport includes various contests, one way or another related to one of the main national Russian dishes.

According to the head of the department for strategic development and the economy of the administration of the city Zinaida Tikhonova, in recent years in Biysk has developed an "eventful, pilgrimage and gastronomy tourism. "

For example, in November 2014 in Biysk the championship was held Altai Territory on sports pelmeningu. And in March 2015 the city The administration assisted in organization of filming the culinary and ethnographic show "Let's go eat!", the leader of which the Englishman John Warren personally opened pelmen competitionstook part in them and then handed awards to the winners. In a month the pelmen competitions again took place in the city - the "Easter pelmetshek" championship for family commands.

According to the authorities, at this stage in the development of sports pelmening, it is necessary to create a federation of this sport that will deal with all matters related to it.