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In America, it became popular to freeze pants

In the US in the state of Minnesota & nbsp; new entertainment has gained popularity & mdash; freezing pants.

The inhabitants of the state soak their pants in water, and then hang out on the street. Due to strong frosts by the American standards, & nbsp; about -10º C & mdash; pants quickly freeze, after which they can be put on the ground. Standing pants amuse Americans and they upload their photos to social networks.

Entertainment was invented by a resident of the city of Minneapolis, Tom Grotting, who has long been known in his neighborhood for this unusual "hobby". "Basically, I do this for the sake of my neighbor Diana, & mdash; told Grotting. & mdash; She does not like long & nbsp; sima, and this is a little fun. "

According to Grotting, he began to freeze his pants a few years ago, but entertainment became popular only when he posted a photo of his frozen jeans on Facebook. Zateyu replicated & nbsp; some media, then on social networks people began to upload pictures of their frozen pants.

According to Grotting, far from all people approve of this "venture," and his teenage children and the entertainment of his father at all hate. Perhaps the fact is that their pants are often frozen.