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Tourist found in Norway "soaring" stone

< p> Danish tourist Mogens Eskesen accidentally discovered in Norway a huge boulder resting on three small pebbles - because of this it seems that it hovers in the air.

The Danish man made a trip during a walk near the village of Llosland in the province of West- Agder. "I never heard anyone say something about this stone. Probably, many saw it before me, but I did not see any photographs, "the Dane said. According to the tourist, the stone took its position during the melting of the glacier, after which the water washed dust and dust from it. small fragments of the rock, leaving only three small pebbles.

The Norwegian geologist Ole Friftof Frigstad agreed with the opinion of the Dane: "The ice melted here somewhere 12 thousand years ago, so it must have happened in the period of the thaw"- said the scientist and called the find" wonderful. "