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"Medieval Knight" shot down with a spear quadrocopter

Participant of the historical reconstruction festival

Participant of the festival of historical reconstruction "Rusborg", held in the Lipetsk region in early May, was shot down by a spear shooting the event kvadrokopter. The sharp blow of a man dressed in the costume of a medieval warrior, a drone with a camera, apparently did not survive: immediately after the impact, the apparatus collapsed to the ground, and the survey ceased. However, according to the organizers, the champion of authenticity compensated the loss of the owner of the drones.

The video of the cast was posted on YouTube, and the video quickly gained popularity not only in Russia, but also abroad, and its hero was nicknamed in social networks by the dragon-keeper. The following year, the organizers of the "Rusborg" decided to stage a javelin throwing contest in the "flying dragon", and the participant, with a throwand which started this story, will be asked to become the host of the event.