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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ The cellular company gave the American the former number of the rap star

The cellular company gave the American the former number of the rap star

p> A student from the American city of Seattle, Jonathan Nichols, became the owner of a mobile phone number that previously belonged to a rap star of the early '90s named Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Nichols himself chose the number when connecting to the operator, because he seemed easy to remember. As the American said, right after that strange messages began to come to him.

"First I received a message in which I was given a link to a video where a guy makes bits on the synthesizer," Nichols said. : "It's cool, but you just made the wrong number." Then I received calls from dealers of expensive cars - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar - with a proposal to come to them and take one or two cars to ride. "

"They all asked no one of Anthony Ray, to which I replied that I was just a poor law student, and no one was Ray," Nicholls said. - PAfter that I started to receive messages with photos of girls in bikini in poses of varying degrees of frankness. There were so many photos that I asked to stop sending them to me. " According to the student, he also received messages with requests to visit programs at various radio stations, invitations to concerts and to hangouts behind the scenes.

The situation was resolved for Nichols on one of the August days, when dozens of messages began to arrive birthday greetings and best wishes. One such message contained a link to the 1992 Baby Got Back video of a famous rapper named Sir Mix-A-Lot.