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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ The dog ran a half marathon and finished seventh

The dog ran a half marathon and finished seventh

A lost dog from the city of Elkmont in Alabama, USA, ran a half marathon with people and finished in seventh place.

According to the mistress of the dog, she got to the distance after she was let out for a walk. A two-year-old "bloodhound" dog named Ludwijn got caught up in runners and ran with them to the finish line.

Given that the dog missed the start, the total distance traveled by her & nbsp; was about 21 kilometer. This was enough to get a commemorative medal from the organizers for the honorable seventh place & mdash; it was in this place that the dog finished after an hour and a half race.

The owner of the dog admitted that she learned about her participation in the marathon only after & nbsp; friends started to send her photos from the finish line. "At first I was uncomfortable and I was worried, hthen it was only there & nbsp; interfering with the feet, "& mdash; confessed mistress.