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Schoolchildren in the lesson built a questrum for their classmates

Students at the Sewickley Academy Private School

Pupils of the private school Sewickley Academy in Pennsylvania, USA, built a quest in reality in one of the classes. Within the framework of classes on design and development, six students, under the guidance of a technology teacher, equipped an escaped room for their comrades.

Detective scenario - players will investigate the fate of the missing police attire, who went to a mysterious challenge and stopped contacting - the students wrote themselves. They also thought out tasks and clues, made stylized scenery, picked up musical accompaniment and even set up a system for monitoring players.

Pupils & nbsp; Sewickley are given 60 minutes for the fact thatfind all the clues and unlock the door. So far, out of eight groups of students who have been escaping, only two managed to meet the time and solve all the problems. Teachers believe that the lessons in questums give the children the opportunity to learn what they would not talk about in the lessons and develop the qualities that will be useful in life: logic, mindfulness, the ability to act in an unconventional situation.