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Christmas card with the addressee "England" came to the right person

Christmas card with the addressee

In the UK, a Christmas card sent from Germany reached the right recipient in spite of the fact that only one word - "England" - was indicated on the envelope as the addressee.

The incident took place in the town of Longlevenes, in the county of Gloucestershire. As the local resident Paul Biggs said, the postman rang in his house in the morning and asked if he expects that letter from Germany. Biggs replied that his acquaintances lived in this country, and then the postman showed him an envelope, on which no address was given, except that he must go to England.

At the given return address, Biggs realized that the letter was really meant for him and was sent by his German friends. The postman told Biggs that he received the item in this form, so he had to askall its customers to see if it could be targeted. The first person who answered in the affirmative was Biggs.

As it turned out, the letter was sent on Monday, and already on Wednesday morning it was in the hands of an Englishman. How the letter could reach the right addressee is unknown, but the press suggested that the envelope could initially have been written the right address, but upon arrival at the Longlevens post office, he could get unstuck.

The Royal Mail of Great Britain stated that their services are famous for their ability to handle poorly designed items, but even there they were extremely surprised by what had happened and could not unequivocally explain what had happened.

Mr. Biggs's acquaintances from the German proud Trier, who sent the postcard, did not comment on the story in the press.