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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ The Russian first snowboarded using a drone

The Russian first snowboarded using a drone

A new sport & mdash; snowboarding with a drone,

A Russian from the Saratov region has invented a new sport & mdash; & nbsp; snowboarding with the help of a drone, & nbsp; calling it "drunkboarding."

The user with the nickname Valplushka & nbsp; uploaded the relevant video to YouTube. On the video, the drone pulls the rope of a snowboarder who is standing on a snowboard. According to the author of the idea, the speed of movement is so slow because of the weakness of the quadrocopter, which he collected manually.

The name of the sport was given by analogy with "kiteboarding" & mdash; a kind of skiing & nbsp; on a snowboard when an athlete pulls a kite.