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Robot-gardener will help to care for the garden through a smartphone

of a robot gardener who knows how to care for plants by getting commands via the mobile application

Watering and even planting flowers at your dacha, from now on you can not leave the city. An engineer from California, Rory Aronson, designed a robot-gardener who can take care of plants, receiving commands through a mobile application.

Farmrobot, printed on a 3D printer, has the functions of watering and removing weeds, as well as special nozzles for planting seeds. In addition, the system tracks the weather in real time, which allows you to specify different irrigation schemes, for example, in case of rain or prolonged drought.

You can control the horticultural activity of the device using a mobile application or a program for a typical computer. Each plant is assigned an individual number, with which the robot identifies "useful" crops and, accordingly, removes weeds.

The cost of the device depends on what parts you purchase, and where you will print them: project documentation and software are posted on the GitHub portal, so you can collect the farmrobot yourself. A boxed solution with all electronics, plastic and aluminum parts needed for assembly will be available for pre-order in July.