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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ Lost in a marathon in New York, the Italian spent two days on the street

Lost in a marathon in New York, the Italian spent two days on the street

The Italian Jeanclaudio Marengo, who took part in the city marathon New York, got lost in the course of the race and eventually spent two days on the street all alone.

Marengo came to New York as part of an Italian team from a rehabilitation drug treatment center specifically to participate in the marathon. Before the race, Marengo spent more than a month of constant training, but his team's anger was the least athletic, which is why he lost track of the race and could not find any of his friends after the finish.

For his misfortune, during the run Marengo lost the city map and the room key. Trying to find the hotel did not bring him luck, since he did not know English, so he was forced to spend the night after the marathon in Central Park. On Monday morning, Marengo made his way to Kennedy Airport, as his flight was planned for this time, however,Ana airport took him for a homeless man and drove him out.

After that, Marengo went back to the center of New York and wandered aimlessly through the streets until the next morning, when a policeman read about him on a missing marathon runner. "I saw him in marathon clothes, although the race ended two days ago. He looked around with a confused and uncomprehending look, I immediately realized that this is the guy, "- said the police officer.

The policeman bought a poor Marengo a donut and coffee, took him to the station, after which the Italian was taken to the consulate . According to the doctors, his health is all right, except for mild dehydration.