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On the Moscow museums will be guided tours of the robot guide

The robot guide will guide the Moscow museums

The first high-tech guide will appear in Moscow at the State Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Shchusev. He will lead tours of the exhibition "Moscow Metro & mdash; underground monument of architecture ". This summer, two events are planned with the participation of a robot, the first of which will be held on July 14.

The humanoid robot is called Alantim, and its creators promise that the machine will not only boring voice read pre-read text as an audio guide, but also respond to replicas of tourists and even joke. True, the robot turned out to be a little sexist: for example, it will "filter" the content depending on the gender of the participants of the excursion and emphasize the architectural design of the stations or the technical aspects of the buildersubway. Moreover, the robot was taught not only to recognize faces and determine the sex and age of a person, but also to memorize the names of those with whom he had met, as well as to learn unfamiliar words and expressions that require additional decoding.