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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ Perm kvarrum check for the propaganda of drugs

Perm kvarrum check for the propaganda of drugs

< p> The Perm quest for leaving the room, created based on the series "In All Grave", was accused of drug propaganda. At the moment, the prosecutor's office of the region conducts an appropriate check.

The reason for the proceedings was the quest's advertisement. On the yellow billboards depicts a man who looks like the protagonist of the series, and also contains the inscriptions "We'll soon brew in Perm!" And "varimmet.rf". They were the reason for complaints about advertising to local law enforcement agencies from several dissatisfied local residents.

The protagonist of the series "In All Grave" was engaged in the manufacture of a methamphetamine drug, to which he was tempted by difficult life circumstances. "Feel like the hero of the cult series, escape from the Albuquerque police and be rescued from the Mexican drug cartel will be possible in November!", The organizers of the quest report in their advertisement.