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New Year's picture of a drunken Briton became a meme


Atmospheric photography, in which a drunk resident of the British city of Manchester lies with a bottle of beer on the asphalt, while next to him the police severely detain another person, has become a new Internet meme.

Users of social networks saw in photography much in common with masterpieces of world painting. The first thing that caught the eye of art connoisseurs was the composition of the photo, luckily built in accordance with the rules Golden section .

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Then the users began to express an expressive picture in various styles of painting, stylizing it to famous artists.

Central hero of the plot - lying on the asphalt man, became the object of fotozhab. His silhouette was immediately on several famous canvases.

The author of the image that was published in the newspaper Manchester Evening News, became the British photographer Joel Goodman. According to him, he is very flattered that the picture is compared with the masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Other photos of Goodman's coverage of New Year's Eve in Manchester can be viewed here .