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Nizhny Novgorod firefighters conducted a quest for journalists

< p> In Nizhny Novgorod passed a quest in which local journalists had the opportunity feel like real firemen. The event was organized by Privolzhsky regional center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The quest started with a small theoretical excursion, after which participants quickly plunged into reality a real fight with fire. At the signal they should have maximally Quickly put on the uniform and cook technique for extinguishing a fire.

"Combat" conditions were recreated with the help of special educational complexes "Grotto" and "Lava" intended for professional training of rescuers. To the participants the quest had to fight against the present smoke and fire in a noisy and realistic environment. lighting to save all the conditional affected and put out all fires ignition.

To the credit of the Novgorod journalists it is worth noting that with absolutely everyone coped with the task participants of the competition.