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At VDNKh show all fashionable dresses for the last 100 years

< p> At VDNH an exhibition "100 Years of Fashion in Russia: 1915-2015" opens, within which the changes in fashion that have occurred in the country in the last century will be demonstrated.

The exhibition will present men's and women's clothing pre-revolutionary years with simplified cut and style emancipes, short dresses with a low waist - a business card NEP, dresses in the style of Soviet movie stars of the 30s and trophy post-war dresses. Spectators will also be able to get acquainted with fitted dresses with wide povyubnikami in the spirit of new look 50's and business fashion of the 80's. Without attention, there will not be luxuries of the dashing 90s and glamor of zero.

"It's hard to name another country in which for the last 100 years there have been so many social upheavals and changes. Two revolutions, 1905 and 1917, two world wars, the disintegration of the USSR and the events of subsequent years associated with perestroika. This social shockchanges and changes accompanied by changes in the way of life and fashion, because fashion is a mirror of history, "- said the press service VDNH.

Samples of clothing and accessories for the exhibition are provided by the famous fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev.