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Chinese artist made a brick from Beijing smog

Chinese artist with the pseudonym Brother The walnut made a brick from the dust weighed in the air in Beijing - the main reason for the great smog in the Chinese capital.

The artist spent 100 days walking around the streets of Beijing with a vacuum cleaner, collecting dust suspended in the air. On his walks Brother Walnut spent at least 4 hours a day. As a result, he managed to collect enough dust to mix it with clay, making it a real brick.

According to the artist, the resulting object should attract the attention of people and authorities to the fact that if they do not start taking care of the environment, soon they will turn into dust themselves.

The action of the Chinese artist has already attracted the attention of the press, although some colleagues on the shop criticized Brother Nut. They are not happy thatthe artist did not collect enough dust to make a brick without clay at all - in their opinion, so the final object would make an even greater impression.