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The US company started selling amphibious motorcycles

The American company Gibbs released an amphibious motorcycle called Biski of its own production.

A two-wheeled vehicle is a combination of water and conventional motorcycles. Biski is able to enter the water directly from land and also back. Transformation of the motorcycle is carried out & nbsp; for 5 seconds by pressing one button & mdash; During this time, the driving wheel is retracted into the hull, freeing up space for a dual power plant, which creates a jet of water.

A two-cylinder engine with 55 horsepower is installed in Biski. Maximum speed of movement overland by the motorcycle is 130 km / h, and on water & mdash; 60 km / h. The price of the motorcycle manufacturer & nbsp; has not yet been installed, in addition, Biski is still available for & nbsp;, acquiring only one color & nbsp; & mdash; blue.