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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ A farmer from England knitting sweaters for chickens

A farmer from England knitting sweaters for chickens

A resident of England, Nicola Congdon, became famous for her unusual hobby - knitting sweaters for chickens.

A 35-year-old farmer from England owns about 60 chickens, half of which are laying hens. Such hens are doomed to spend most of their life in cages, being a constant source of eggs.

Because of this, birds do not get the proper number of feathers and when they "retire" in old age, ordinary life on the street together with other chickens presents a difficulty for them. Nicola Congdon came up with a way out of this situation by starting to dress her pets in sweaters, which she also hand-made and sews. Colorful chicken clothing quickly attracted public attention and soon Kongond began receiving orders from other farmers from across the country, also sympathizing with their cold"Now the Englishwoman is engaged in selling her branded sweaters, and she sends all the funds received to one of the funds to fight AIDS in South Africa.