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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ Chelyabinets was photographed on the passport in a hat-headbag

Chelyabinets was photographed on the passport in a hat-headbag

< p> A resident of the Chelyabinsk region, nicknamed Zheka (full name is not reported) was able to be photographed on the passport, wearing a toyhead head on his head - a monster from the computer game Half-Life. The history of the student was transferred to the publication " Iodine ."

The hero of the material told that two years ago before getting a passport learned about the rules allowing you to be photographed on a document in a headdress, if required by religious beliefs. Then Chelyabinsk made himself a fake certificate of belonging to a society professing the teachings of a Tibetan sage, took a photograph with a plush headcrab on his head and went to the FMS.

"There sat a couple of aunts, which, in fact, documents and formalized. Made a severe muzzle stereotypical sectarian - they say, make out me a passport in a good way, from sin, - and pushed them with improvisationThis lecture on own spiritual bonds. For the sake of exotic eastern exoticism all the names I took my own by ear from a song about Gangnam Style - say, a crab called "Garun-gera-saga-su-foot" and so on in the same spirit. I introduced him to the river the totem spirit that protects me from negative vibrations of the ninth planet "According to the hero, after the necessary measurements were taken of the distance from the headdress to the bridge of the nose, he was given permission to obtain a passport with the photograph taken. Later, this photo saved Zheka from the big problems with the police when one of the officers who arrested him, who had played before in Half-Life, recognized in the hat of a headcrab and believed the Chelyabinsk that he does not belong to criminal elements.

Earlier, was reported about the first citizen in the history of Russia who managed to be photographed on the carthe rights with a hole on his head due to pastafarian religious beliefs. In the future, the police promised to take away the rights granted him, if the man is not in his headgear.