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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ The storm in the US caused people to dive into the snow

The storm in the US caused people to dive into the snow

A resident of the & nbsp; East Coast of the United States & nbsp; passed a flashmob diving into the snow, generating a lot of & nbsp; related videos & nbsp; published in social networks.

Last Friday and Saturday, the eastern coast of North America covered a snowstorm, which resulted in cities falling over 60 centimeters of precipitation. Forced to stay at home, the Americans staged a flash mob and began to shoot the videos as they dive into the attacking snow.

A mandatory condition for the flashmob was the swimmer's suit & mdash; the diver must be dressed in a swimming trunks, a rubber cap and swimming goggles. "After falling into the snow, the naked flashmob participants usually pretended that they were swimming, making appropriate movements with their hands and feet. @swimswamnews No days off for West Virginia swimming. #BIGXIIReady pic.twitter.com/ dvs2KspRFZ
& mdash; Chris McMahon (@christopher_mcm) January 23, 2016